Ferrari Sports Car Driving Lessons in Milan with Hotel accommodations

| Ferrari sports car driving lessons and Milan hotel combo packages

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Hotel and Ferrari sports car driving in Milan

The Hotel Cinque Giornate in Milan, in association with the Ferrari Rossocorsa Racing dealer, offers exciting events like the sports car driving lessons, and chance to drive the legendary Prancing horse Gran Turismo on a race track. The special Hotel Cinque Giornate combo packages give you the chance to hone your skills to master the fantastic Ferrari road cars provided by Rosso Corsa Racing in Milan at professional sports car driving lessons.

Hotel accommodations and Ferrari sports car driving

After a Ferrari Challenge sports car driving lesson at the Monza racing circuit, in association with Rossocorsa Racing and the Hotel Cinque Giornate in Milan, you'll learn all the ins and outs of Ferrari sports cars. Combined with a vacation in Milan at the Hotel Cinque Giornate, celebrate your love for Ferrari Red with a sports car driving course at the Franciacorta race track, even as a corporate event!


Gentlemen start your engines: your sports car driving lesson is about to start!

Ferrari Sports Car driving lessons and hotel accommodations in Milan